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Ikea Just Made Packing Supplies Supercute With Its New Moving Collection — Seriously!

Reported by POPSUGAR: If you’re a college student or young adult, moving…

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Consider Your 2019 Halloween Costume Done, Because These DIY Ideas Are SO Easy to Make

Reported by POPSUGAR: It’s 2019, and this year all that matters are DIY…

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Nordstrom’s Cute New Home Line Is Exactly What We’ve Been Waiting For — Starting at Just $30

Reported by POPSUGAR: It’s no secret that we love Nordstrom for its clothes, shoes, and so much more, but…

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My Life Would Be a Mess Without This Waterproof Notepad — It Logs All My Shower Thoughts

Reported by POPSUGAR: My mind races at lightning-fast speeds pretty much every hour of the day, but those speeds…

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Amazon Prime Day Is NOT Over! Shop the 174 Hottest Deals, Available For Just Hours More

Reported by POPSUGAR: Amazon Prime Day officially started…

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This GIANT Box of Cheez-Its Is $7 For Amazon Prime Day, So Let’s Get Snackin’

Reported by POPSUGAR: You…

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Mac and Cheese Pringles Are Now on Shelves, So Move Over, Regular Cheddar!

Reported by POPSUGAR: Cheesy Pringles are an obvious contender for one of the best orange snacks, but what about…

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Oh, by the Way, We Found the Perfect Napping Spot: This Net Over the Ocean in the Maldives

Reported by POPSUGAR: Hammocks are great and all, but what about drifting off to the sound of the sea…

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The Easiest Way to Keep Wood Floors Clean

Reported by POPSUGAR: Not sure of the best way to clean your wood floors without damaging them? Dana Miller…

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40 Pitcher-Perfect Cocktails For Breezy Bartending Duty This Summer

Reported by POPSUGAR: Having company over? Crafting a cocktail with a mix of…

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