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Feeling Saucy This Halloween? Consider Dressing up as a Hidden Valley Ranch Bottle

Reported by POPSUGAR:

Hidden Valley Ranch dressing-lovers rejoice! Aside from pairing ranch dressing with all your favorite foods this fall, you can now take your love for Hidden Valley to the next level with the brand’s recently released Hidden Valley Ranch Halloween costume ($40). That’s right, the brand has given us yet another piece of merch to complement the iconic Hidden Valley crocs.

Hidden Valley announced the costume on Sept. 13 in an Instagram post. The one-size-fits-most-adults polyester costume perfectly mimics a Hidden Valley Ranch dressing bottle and was even launched alongside a matching pizza costume ($35) to help couples have “the tastiest duo costume of the year,” because honestly, nothing goes better on pizza than ranch dressing. Both limited-edition costumes are only available in finite quantities, so interested shoppers are encouraged to act fast and order online from the Hidden Valley website.

Hidden Valley was also kind enough to throw another festive goodie our way: treat-sized Hidden Valley Ranch packets ($20 for a bag of 30 packets)! Like the costume, these 0.5 fl. oz. treats are limited edition for Halloween and are even shaped like Hidden Valley Ranch bottles. The packets come in a festive jack-o’-lantern-themed bag and are the perfect alternative to handing out the usual sweet treats. Who knows! Maybe you’ll want to make handing out packets of salad dressing your newest Halloween tradition.

So if you love the brand, ranch dressing, or just need a Halloween costume ASAP, this latest release from Hidden Valley Ranch is definitely worth checking out. And if you’re really looking to show off your Hidden Valley loyalty, you can try convincing a friend or SO to get the pizza outfit as well.



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