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The secret hotel inside Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World

Have you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be a Disney Princess? While anybody can enter Cinderella’s Castle, Disney permits just an extremely fortunate few to remain overnight in its hidden Cinderella Suite, which sits on the clock tower.

Here’s a peek inside.

To get into the suite, you go through a large wooden entryway on the ground floor of the château and go into a Gothic-style room where a 24-hour attendant is there to take care of any requirements you may have. You’re at that point escorted into a little lift that looks like the pumpkin mentor Cinderella took to the ball. It opens straightforwardly into the suite.

Strolling into the suite feels like you’re strolling into a genuine mansion. Wherever you look, there are points of interest.

In the room zone…

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