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Opposition activists summoned for questioning in Russia

Reported by Washington Times: MOSCOW (AP) – At least seven opposition activists who have been barred from running…

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Police officer fired over AOC Facebook post — along with fellow cop who ‘liked’ it

Reported by Washington Times: Two Louisiana police officers have been fired over a Facebook post suggesting that…

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Proposed New Zealand law says owning guns is not a right

Reported by Washington Times: WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) – New Zealand’s government is planning further restrictions to gun…

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Ocasio-Cortez: Trump enjoyed crowd saying, ‘Send her back!’

Reported by Washington Times: NEW YORK (AP) – U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told constituents on Saturday that…

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Protest decries plan to detain migrant kids at Oklahoma base

Reported by Washington Times: LAWTON, Okla. (AP) – More than 100 demonstrators protested Saturday in withering heat outside…

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House Judiciary’s Cicilline: Mueller testimony will illustrate ‘gravity’ of Trump’s actions

Reported by Washington Times: House Judiciary Committee member Rep. David Cicilline said Friday next week’s hearing with special…

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Lebanese losing faith as politicians fumble over economy

Reported by Washington Times: BEIRUT (AP) – For days, Lebanese TV stations have been blanketed with live coverage…

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House panel approves bill to sanction foreigners for election interference

Reported by Washington Times: Legislation imposing sanctions on foreigners who attempt to interfere in U.S. elections cleared a…

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Asylum seekers waiting in Nuevo Laredo fear lurking dangers

Reported by Washington Times: NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico (AP) – The round-faced woman from La Ceiba, Honduras, and her…

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Sudanese military, protesters sign power-sharing document

Reported by Washington Times: CAIRO (AP) — Sudan’s pro-democracy movement and the ruling military council signed a document…

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