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SURVEY: Startup Founds And Sexual Harassment

Startup Founders - National Hill

A new survey conducted by First Round Capital sheds some light on startups and the nationwide focus on sexual harassment. The survey included over 800 startup founders and owners, 83% of them were males most likely because it’s a male dominated arena. According to the survey, just over 50% of the founders experienced or personally know an individual who has experienced some kind of harassment while at work.

However, almost 20% of those surveyed said the issue of sexual harassment in the startup culture has been overblown by the main stream media. 40% thought the exact opposite, that the media is under reporting the issue. Either way almost all founders said their priority when seeking an investor is good character.

When asked what could be done to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace both men and women agreed that decency pledges are not at all helpful and they should seek alternative solutions. When asked if they have a plan or policy in place only 17% said they do, which is actually up 3% from last year. Whether they have a formal plan or not, most of them said they have informal plans in place.