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Our Favorite Dyson Stick Vacuum Is $150 Off Now

Reported by WIRED: A Dyson stick vacuum is a status item, but unlike a fancy handbag, it’s incredibly…

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‘The Last of Us’ Is Getting a TV Show, Which Seems Redundant

Reported by WIRED: Greetings, and welcome once again to Replay, WIRED’s twice-monthly column about everything happening…

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29 Early Black Friday Deals You’ll Want to Snag Now

Reported by WIRED: It is technically a day, but “Black Friday” is now a marketing catch-all. Retailers use…

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AI Can Run Your Work Meetings Now

Reported by WIRED: Julian Green was explaining the big problem with meetings when our meeting started to glitch….

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Yes, Chef: Here Are the Year’s Best Cookbooks

Reported by WIRED: I’ve noticed my taste in cookbooks change over the past few years, moving away from…

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The 13 Best Gifts for the PC Gamer in Your Life

Reported by WIRED: Shopping for a PC gamer is a perilous endeavor. It’s easy to be led astray…

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Nintendo Has One Decent Switch Deal for Black Friday

Reported by WIRED: The Nintendo Switch never stays on store shelves for long. It doesn’t sell out as…

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The Secret Service Is Investigating 700 Cases of Covid Relief Fraud

Reported by WIRED: America’s electoral crisis reached a new low this week, as Donald Trump fired…

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Pfizer Seeks Vaccine Approval, the CDC Urges Restraint, and More Coronavirus News

Reported by WIRED: Pfizer seeks FDA approval for its vaccine, the CDC urges Americans to avoid Thanksgiving travel,…

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Putting ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ on HBO Max Is a Smart Move

Reported by WIRED: Face it, stans: This was inevitable. After having its release date bumped no fewer than…

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