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Comic-Con Trailers: ‘It Chapter 2,’ ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ and ‘His Dark Materials’

Reported by WIRED: It’s only day one of Comic-Con International, but the…

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Europe’s Week-Long Satellite Outage Is Over—But Still Serves as a Warning

Reported by WIRED: A full week after a mass outage that began on July 11, Europe’s Galileo satellite…

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The Best Home and Outdoor Deals for Prime Day

Reported by WIRED: As befits a website known as “the everything store,” Amazon’s Prime Day offerings really run…

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The Best Prime Day Deals From Amazon’s Biggest Rivals

Reported by WIRED: In the past five years, Amazon Prime Day has exploded. It started as a corporate…

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The UN Operation to Disarm Mosul’s IEDs and Unexploded Bombs

Reported by WIRED: Two years ago this month, a US-led military coalition declared victory against ISIS in Mosul,…

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Space Photos of the Week: A Tribute to Voyager’s Twin Trippers

Reported by WIRED: In late August and early September of 1977, NASA launched twin spacecraft, Voyager 1 and…

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What Does Facebook’s Libra Mean for the Future of Crypto?

Reported by WIRED: Last month, Facebook announced its plans to get into the cryptocurrency race with Libra. A…

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Amazon Is Making a ‘Lord of the Rings’ MMO Game

Reported by WIRED: Greetings, gamers! Welcome to a new edition of Replay, WIRED’s lightning-fast videogame news roundup….

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A $700 Million Amazon Pledge, Credit Card Hackers, and More News

Reported by WIRED: Amazon makes an expensive pledge to its workers, a hacker group hits 17,000 domains, and…

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Aziz Ansari’s Netflix Special Will Make You Laugh—Awkwardly

Reported by WIRED: In 30 seconds, Aziz Ansari reenacted Twitter before a live theater audience. He reminded the…

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