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Virgin Orbit Just Dropped a Rocket From a Boeing 747

Reported by WIRED: On Wednesday morning, a rather unusual plane could be seen flying high over Edwards Air…

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Apple Kills the 12-Inch MacBook, a Webcam Hack, and More News From Today

Reported by WIRED: Pour one out for Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, get yourself a webcam cover, and get ready…

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Why We See the Colors of Faces Differently Than Other Things

Reported by WIRED: As set-ups go for studying how people see colors, this one isn’t even the…

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Game of the Week: Katamari Damacy on PlayStation 2, PC, and Nintendo Switch

Reported by WIRED: It’s the Fourth of July holiday weekend, but that doesn’t mean the Replay team…

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‘Mirror Worlds’ Creator Wants to Displace Facebook—With Blockchain

Reported by WIRED: David Gelernter’s giant macaw, Ike, has taken a tumble. One moment he was there, offering…

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Tesla Model 3 Crash Results, Europe’s Record Heat, and More News From Today

Reported by WIRED: The Tesla Model 3 impressed in its crash results; climate change gave Europe some record-breaking…

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Lizzo’s ‘Juice’ Is the Most Patriotic Song of 2019

Reported by WIRED: You’ve heard it by now. Its vintage funk-pop backdrop. The three-piece horn section, bright and…

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Bentley’s New Hybrid Hides Its Luxury From the Masses

Reported by WIRED: In 1724, John Perceval, the first Earl of Egmont, wrote his cousin a letter admiring…

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Why Everything From Transit to iPhones Is Biased Toward Men

Reported by WIRED: Caroline Criado Perez is a social activist and journalist who, in 2017, successfully campaigned for…

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Why Cuddles United is the Next Big Pet Phenomena – Cuddles United Review

The world of finding lost pets is not a popularized market to say the least. Generally when…

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