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Motorola Adds Some Class (and Glass) to Its Budget Phones

Reported by WIRED: You ain’t hip unless you’ve got an extra long screen, dual cameras, and a glass…

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Why Can’t We Fix Puerto Rico’s Power Grid?

Reported by WIRED: And then the lights went out. Again. The loss of electrical power in Puerto Rico…

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‘Trustjacking’ Could Expose iPhones to Attack

Reported by WIRED: Have you used a friend’s laptop to charge your iPhone and gotten a prompt…

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Discombobulated Cities Wrestle With an Electric Scooter Influx

Reported by WIRED: The line to speak wrapped around half the chamber, constantly replenishing itself, an inching microcosm…

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The World’s Biggest Porn Site Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

Reported by WIRED: The adult website Pornhub has of late taken pride in being something of a pioneer….

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The White House Warns on Russian Router Hacking, But Muddles the Message

Reported by WIRED: For its first year in office, the Trump administration seemed soft on Russia’s hyper-aggressive hackers,…

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What Tech’s Insiders Think About Zuckerberg’s Command Performance

Reported by WIRED: If you are part of the rarified group of tech insiders who mostly live in…

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Paul Ryan to Congress: kthxbai

Reported by WIRED: If the first week of April felt a little (comparatively speaking) light on political melodrama,…

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Hollywood Should Make Movies That Grapple with Gamergate

Reported by WIRED: The new movie Ready Player One is a rousing crowd-pleaser about videogame geeks banding together to…

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SURVEY: Startup Founds And Sexual Harassment

A new survey conducted by First Round Capital sheds some light on startups and the nationwide focus on sexual…

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