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Our Approach

At The National Hill we pride ourselves on producing content that readers actually want to read. We focus on honest reporting and relevant news in a way that other organizations fail to do. We report stories as facts, not just as opinions. It’s about choosing to tell the entire story, not selective journalism. We have no profit motivation, we have no rich investors sitting behind us pushing their agenda. We’re a group of journalists and reporters that aim to tell stories that matter to you.

Our Story

The National Hill was founded by a few journalists and reporters that went rouge. They were sick and tired of being edited, censored, and filtered by the main stream media companies. It’s time a new era begins, one that isn’t crafted by billion dollar corporations. The contributors of the National Hill have a story to tell, a story without filters. The National Hill doesn’t prevent it’s contributors from posting stories, if they have something to say the National Hill will gladly be their platform.


Want to become a National Hill contributor? Email us a sample of your work at [email protected]