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Buffalo Grove Votes for 5,000 Section 8 Houses by Summer 2022

The town of Buffalo Grove sits on the North Shore of Chicago and is where many prominent…

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Texas Most Indoctrinated State, Not Advanced, Says Panel of Scientists

Thought Texas was the most advanced state in the nation? Wrong. Turns out, not only is Texas…

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On February 20th, NBC 5 Chicago ran a story on carbon monoxide poisoning at hotels across…

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Does Bernie Know Higher Minimum Wage Supports Big Business?

One of Bernie Sanders main running points is raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour…

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XFL Needs More Big Names

I was finally able to attend my first XFL game for the Week 3 match between the…

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Media’s Response to the Fed Controlling Interest Rates

“No postwar recovery has died in bed of old age—the Federal Reserve has murdered every one of…

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Why Cuddles United is the Next Big Pet Phenomena – Cuddles United Review

The world of finding lost pets is not a popularized market to say the least. Generally when…

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Donald Trump New Campaign Slogan

Trump may have chosen his 2020 campaign slogan

Donald Trump’s campaign slogan for 2020 could very well be, “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” Today, while president Trump was…

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CNN Poll Only Surveyed 23% Republicans

The CNN Polling Director, Jennifer Agiesta, released an article with the title, “Public opposition to tax bill grows…

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Robert Mueller seized thousands of Trump’s transition emails

Robert Mueller seized thousands of Trumps transition emails without a warrant or subpoena. Is this selective overreach…

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