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Ben Cardin breaks with Biden on Israel weapons shipments after war conduct report

Reported by Washington Times:

Sen. Ben Cardin broke away from the Biden administration’s threats to further pause weapon shipments from Israel despite acknowledging that the findings in a war conduct report on the conflict “raised concerns.” 

The assessment released on Friday by the White House was intended to determine if Israel had violated any humanitarian laws in its war with Hamas. The report found likely evidence that international law was breached, but Biden administration officials said it was “difficult to assess or reach conclusive findings on individual incidents.”

Mr. Cardin, who is the chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, said on Friday that military assistance should continue to the Jewish State but acknowledged that the report was concerning. 

“While the most recent report regarding Israel under the NSM-20 has raised concerns, I agree with its assessment that Israel has not violated International Humanitarian Law and that military assistance to support Israel’s security remains in the U.S. interest and should continue,” Mr. Cardin said on Friday. 

He continued, “In this regard, I differ with President Biden’s recent decision.”

The stance by Mr. Cardin, Maryland Democrat, illustrated a growing divide among different factions of congressional Democrats and the president. 

Earlier this week, the White House paused the shipment of thousands of bombs to Israel. Mr. Biden then threatened to nix weapons shipments altogether over concerns of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans for a campaign into the city of Rafah, where over 1 million Palestinians have sought refuge since the war broke out in October. 

Mr. Cardin echoed similar concerns for civilians in the region, arguing that Israel must ensure safe passage for civilians before engaging in a full-scale incursion of the city. 

“Going into Rafah without a credible plan to deal with the humanitarian situation is not the right way,” Mr. Cardin said. “Any operation must take all measures to protect civilian lives. There must be safe passage for innocent civilians currently displaced inside Rafah.”

Source:Washington Times