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The 10 Best Stylish Floor Sofas We Would Buy

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1There may seem like only so many shapes and sizes of sofas these days, but there are actually a lot of unique pieces available. Whether it’s an l-shape sectional or a small loveseat, there are actually so many options to choose from. One of our current favorite silhouettes is the floor sofa. We’ve been seeing a lot of low-profile designs on our social feeds lately for interior design inspiration. They’re stylish, trendy, and comfy, too, which makes them optimal for lounging. What exactly qualifies a floor sofa? As opposed to conventional sofas with legs, these cushions have a thin base layer that rests directly on the ground.

There are both pros and cons for these low-profile silhouettes. Some pros: they are stylish, easy for pets to jump on, and they have that cool movie-lounge-like feel. For us, there’s really only one con to consider. However, people who might have back pain, experience posture issues, or have trouble leaning over, might need to consider a different type of silhouette. Getting up and down from these can be hard on the back. If the pros appeal to you, then you want to think about the qualities you want your dream one to entail.

What to Look For When Buying a Floor Sofa

The perfect sofa has to fit right into your needs, so first comes first, be sure to measure your space. There are a number of lengths to choose from including shorter two-seaters and larger sectionals that can even fit in a corner space, so consider the inches you have to work with. The material is also something important to consider, because there are more durable choices like polyester, or stylish statement pieces like velvet and leather. The right material for you depends on your needs, household, or whether you have pets or not. Lastly, the price is one of the most important considerations. There are so many great designer finds and also more affordable picks from direct-to-consumer brands. Whether you prefer something minimalist and sleek, casual and comfortable for lounging, the flexibility of modular designs, or the functionality of storage options, there is a floor sofa out there to suit your needs.

Ahead, you can find the one you’re going to in love with for your home, so keep reading and shop our top picks.

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