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Your Bathroom Basics Will Have a Place to Call Home With These Storage Solutions From Ikea

Reported by POPSUGAR:

We all know the struggle of having a small living room with limited storage options or a crammed bedroom where you can barely fit in more than a bed. But perhaps the most painful space issue is having a tiny bathroom with hardly enough room for another roll of toilet paper. From hairbrushes to washcloths to bath bombs and everything in between, bathrooms must store a lot of, well, crap. More often than not, that requires a bit of creativity and organization.

Thanks to Ikea, there’s now space for all of your bathroom necessities — and then some. Whether you need additional spots to store your towels, more storage space for your favorite body washes, or even just a spot to keep your toothbrush, these affordable small-space storage solutions have got you covered. Check out the best Ikea products for your bathroom that will leave you with more than enough room for all the hair tools, skincare products, and bottles of dry shampoo that you could ever need.



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