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35 Things You’ll Regret Doing in Life

Reported by POPSUGAR:

“Life is too short” is so cliché, but also so true. Not to sound morbid, but our days are limited and we never know when our time will be up. We tend to think we’re invincible, especially when we’re young and don’t often live to the fullest because we don’t think of the bigger picture. We let ourselves get caught up in such trivial things that seem silly when we look back, or we don’t take care of ourselves until our bodies give us a clear and scary sign to. Mindfulness is one way to practice living in the present, and all it really takes is to step back every once in a while to reflect on your choices. You only live once, after all, so why not make this a life without any regrets? See 35 things you’ll regret doing down the line and consider changing a few things for yourself.

  1. Holding grudges.
  2. Not going to the dentist regularly.
  3. Losing touch with friends.
  4. Stressing yourself out so much.
  5. Letting fear stop you from trying something.
  6. Not traveling enough.
  7. Burning bridges.
  8. Keeping toxic people in your life.
  9. Being overly strict with your diet.
  10. Hating yourself.
  11. Not being there when someone needed you most.
  12. Treating your parents poorly.
  13. Worrying about money so much.
  14. Letting the little things get to you.
  15. Living life based on what someone else wants.
  16. Staying angry at someone.
  17. Not saying “I love you.”
  18. Ignoring your body.
  19. Overworking yourself.
  20. Not spending enough time with family.
  21. Listening to haters.
  22. Not taking that much-needed vacation.
  23. Having enemies.
  24. Treating someone badly.
  25. Worrying so much about what others think.
  26. Not going for that dream job.
  27. Not taking care of your physical and mental health.
  28. Being close-minded.
  29. Doing the bare minimum.
  30. Being afraid to take more risks.
  31. Not enjoying life more.
  32. Being selfish.
  33. Closing people off.
  34. Not giving back.
  35. Letting someone other than yourself be in charge of your happiness.