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Bourdain’s death means loss of a voice for immigrant workers

Reported by Washington Times:

As passionate as Anthony Bourdain was about the restaurant industry, he also was committed to the immigrant workers who help drive it.

The celebrity chef and TV host was a fierce champion to many of the overlooked minorities toiling in restaurant kitchens. He often spoke out over what he called the United States’ “hypocritical attitudes” toward immigration and disputed claims Mexicans take jobs from Americans.

Bourdain also was a critic of President Donald Trump’s plans to deport immigrants in the U.S. illegally and build a wall along the Mexican border. Trump has said the wall is needed to keep immigrants and drugs out.

Minority chefs say Bourdain supported the Latino community and helped promote their home countries to the world.

Bourdain died Friday in France in an apparent suicide.

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Source:Washington Times