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Buffalo Grove Votes for 5,000 Section 8 Houses by Summer 2022

Long overdue change has finally come for the North Chicago Suburb

The town of Buffalo Grove sits on the North Shore of Chicago and is where many prominent politicians, athletes, and actors have lived throughout the years. It will also be home to 5,000 new Section 8 Houses by June of 2022, as passed by the Buffalo Grove Board of Trustees in a 7-2 vote on Monday night.

Recently inaugurated Trustee, Fidel Castro Jr. (no known relation to the deceased Cuban President), a long time admirer of Black Lives Matter and Illinois for Equality Non-Profit, wasted no time in his first meeting as Buffalo Grove Trustee, as he was successfully able to pass through the Board a bill that would immediately start construction for Section 8 Housing around the Rolling Hills Park area. Construction is expected to begin as early as September and is to be at 50% capacity by June 2022.

Castro is looking to make a name for himself in American politics after recently leaving his former nation of Cuba after ongoing freedom protests have escalated throughout Havana. “This community is home to many prominent businessman and politicians, I really think I can climb the social latter easily here while also bringing a lot to the town of Arboleda de Búfalos” said the bi-lingual Castro Jr, who is currently working on a second bill to implement spanish as requirement for all employees of gyms, restaurants, banks and other business within the city limits. The second bill does not have a definitive date for implementation, but Castro is hopeful for the “Leguaje del Amor” (Language of Love) Bill will be passed by 2023.

The “Equal Housing for Buffalo Grove” Bill was met with little resistance, as teachers from Buffalo Grove and Stevenson High School’s canvased online for the bill while during online learning. With the Equal Housing for Buffalo Grove Bill, the other Board of Trustee members who helped pass the bill are very hopeful that the new 5,000+ residents of the town will add to new job creation and help stimulate the already thriving economy.

The future is bright for Buffalo Grove, with more diversity there is more understanding, with more understanding, there is more compassion and love. With all the terrors that have happened the last two years, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the brutal murder of George Floyd, the next two years are looking like a great reset for Buffalo Grove.

Gerald Mander, The National Hill