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Cancer Season 2024 Is Kicking Off a Sexy Summer, According to an Astrologer

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The first weeks of summertime brim with optimism, possibility, and the distinct sense that you can make your dreams come true if you put your heart to it. It’s possible, however, that feeling may very well be owed to it being Cancer season. During Cancer season, the confidence-boosting sun moves from social and buzzy Gemini into sentimental, family-oriented, and go-getter sign Cancer.

When Cancer season kicks off officially, you’ll feel compelled to deepen some of the connections you spent the last month reigniting or making.Ruled by the moon, which serves as the emotional compass of astrology, Cancer season is all about swimming in your feelings and bonding with your nearest and dearest. You’re particularly focused on enjoying downtime with loved ones, whether going deep during summery getaways or by taking in a glimmering fireworks display.

During Cancer season, you could be more of a homebody — emotional, wistful, and nurturing. But regardless of whether you’re staying in or going out, it’s a time of year that has the potential to truly bring you closer to your nearest and dearest and help you tune into your own emotions (a key trait of Cancer sun signs everywhere). Here’s everything you need to know about Cancer season in 2024.

When Is Cancer Season?

Cancer season happens annually from approximately June 20-21 to July 22-23. In 2024 (at least in US time zones), Cancer season will be from June 20 to July 22.

The Overall Mood and Vibe of Cancer Season

For a sense of how Cancer functions in astrology and influences the weeks between mid-June and mid-July, it’s best to focus in on the sign’s ruler, the moon, which oversees your intuition, emotional self-expression, instincts, and your sense of security. In turn, Cancer is one of the most emotionally intelligent and self-protective signs of the zodiac. All that to say, you might find it easier to tap into your sixth sense during Cancer season.

This is a time of year when emotions run high — for better or worse — so there’s a higher chance you’ll find yourself swimming in the deep end of your feelings. And, like the sign of the Crab, you’ll be more likely to retreat into your shell if you’re not feeling 100 percent supported, seen, heard, or understood.

At the same time, Cancer season can bring your focus back to your roots and inner life. With the sun shining bright and temperatures rising, beach days and summer travel could very well be in full swing, but you might be happiest when you’re able to spend quality time nesting with the people who you care most for and who care for you.

Heartfelt, intuitive, and innately nurturing, anyone who has cancer in their birth chart is compassionate, sentimental, and a natural caregiver with a knack for comedic timing. Associated with the fourth house of home life, Cancer absolutely lights up when nurturing their domestic sanctuary, whether by caring for plants and pets, loved ones, and friends who they’re sure to treat like family.

Of course they’ll also be happiest when they’re pouring just as much of that love they share with others into themselves. And as a cardinal sign, they’re also go-getters who are often eager to kick off projects and go after them with infectious, entertaining enthusiasm.

Cancer Season: What to Expect in 2024

Although the sun moves through Cancer every year, the moon and other planets each have their own distinct patterns through the sky, making for a unique astrological picture that differs from one year to the next. Here’s what’s going on astrologically during Cancer season 2024.

With Mars, the planet of action, energy, and sex, moving through fixed sign Taurus for pretty much all of Cancer season, the way you’ll be inclined to move through the world will harmonize nicely with the vibe of the moment. That’s because Taurus, like Cancer, is deeply invested in relationships, connection, indulging in sensuality, and building intimacy. So yes, Cancer season could be fairly steamy — especially on days that these two energies come together, like on June 21 when Mercury in Cancer sextiles Mars in Taurus. That’s also the same day as the strawberry moon in Capricorn, which could spur self-reflection around how you seek security and emotional centeredness versus status and recognition.

On June 29, Venus in Cancer sextiles Mars in Taurus, making for one of the most romantic days of the year — and one in which it won’t be tough for you to feel comfy and sexier than usual in your skin. That same day, Saturn’s retrograde kicks off in Pisces, urging you to do inner work that could ultimately lead to personal growth.

July 5 marks the new moon in Cancer, which could feel as whimsical as it does like fertile ground to make your dreams come true. Then, on July 11, Venus moves into Leo where it’ll bring a regal, glitzy, fierce, fabulous, and confident vibe to relationships, beauty, and opportunities until Aug. 4.

But it’s not all entirely tranquil seas, as Cancer season hosts one of the most volatile days of the year: July 15, when Mars — the planet named for the God of War, after all — pairs up with gamechanger Uranus, the electrifying planet of revolution, in stubborn earth sign Taurus. This planetary meetup could, at best, compel you to break free of patterns, bonds, or situations that are holding you back from achieving your full potential. But it’s also a time during which it’s best to expect out-of-the-blue, possibly intense, competitive, or aggressive surprises given Mars’s involvement.

Finally, on July 21, Cancer season rounds out with a second full moon in Capricorn, also known as the buck moon, which could inspire you to revisit themes that came up on June 21 through a new lens.

Zodiac Signs Who Might Be Affected Most During Cancer Season 2024

People born with their sun or other personal placements in Cancer aren’t the only ones who will be affected by the security-seeking, big-hearted vibes of this season. Anyone born with their sun or major planetary placements in any of the other cardinal signs — Aries (cardinal fire), Libra (cardinal air), and Capricorn (cardinal earth) — could come away from Cancer season feeling more emotionally centered and prepared to hit the ground running.

How Cancer Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s what every sign can expect this Cancer season. Feel free to read the below based on your zodiac sign and/or rising sign, too.

Aries (March 20-April 19)

Let’s be honest: You’re usually all about hitting the gas and moving through the world as fast as you can. But Aries, Cancer season puts the sun in your fourth house of home life, which can bring out your inner couch potato. Yes, really. You’ll want to stick to bingeing your new streaming obsession with your partner or loved ones and maybe even planning a staycation. Of course, you’re bound to get restless at some point, but bringing loved ones along for any adventure — be it a challenging hike or half-marathon — makes it all that more fulfilling.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

For you, Taurus, Cancer season is all about gathering information, because the sun will be moving through your third house of communication. Even if you’re not actively thinking about diving into research, you’ll be spending more time than usual with friends and colleagues. Plus, you can look forward to getting into lively conversations that could lay the groundwork for truly fulfilling creative, collaborative ideas and projects.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Cancer season brings your focus to your bank account, Gemini, thanks to the sun moving through your second house of income. You’ll feel confident taking on new moneymaking opportunities, taking your existing game plan to the next level, and possibly even going to bat to ask for a raise or more responsibility. Because you’re such a natural-born networker, this can be a wonderful moment for researching cash flow-boosting strategies and trading notes with friends and colleagues. Conversations could lead to a win.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Welcome to your season, Cancer! With the sun traveling through your sign and first house of self, you could be ready to make major power moves to further your big-picture aspirations. And because your personal brand will be top of mind, you could also be empowered to take steps toward enhancing your self-presentation, like refreshing your wardrobe by doing a personal styling session or experimenting with a new skin care routine. Because you excel at tapping into your intuition, utilize that superpower now to get to the heart of what you want to achieve, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Though you’re generally so action-oriented, this might be a lower-key season for you, Leo, thanks to the fact that the sun, which rules your sign, is moving through your 12th house of spirituality. This is the zone that planets move through on their way to hitting your rising sign and first house of self, so it’s like being backstage before going on for the big show. It’s a time to self-reflect and get clear on what you want to accomplish once it’s your time to shine. That said, you’ll do well to set aside time for activities that support self-reflection, whether that’s doing manifestation work, journaling, meditating, or taking long evening walks.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Get ready to be more social, Virgo. Although Gemini season tends to have you zeroed in on your professional aspirations, Cancer season may turn a solo or one-on-one endeavor into a group affair. That’s thanks to the fact that the sun is transiting through your 11th house of friendship and networking, spurring your desire — and ability — to band together with others in order to cross the finish line on projects close to your heart. In turn, you’ll feel even more connected to people who truly see you and get you.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct 22)

Cancer season can crank up the intensity on your ambition, Libra, because your 10th house of career is activated now. If you’ve been wanting to step into a more senior position, pitch an exciting client, or call a meeting with a higher-up to discuss your long-term vision, these four weeks could be a particularly beneficial time to do just that. In short, you can step fully into your power.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Cancer season is all about getting out of your comfort zone, Scorpio, which can be thrilling but also completely freaky for a creature of habit like yourself. The sun moves through your ninth house of adventure and higher learning during this period, which could see you stepping into uncharted territory — whether that’s by taking an online class or a long-distance trip. Either way, you’ll have the confidence to make the experience truly fulfilling.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

As a free-spirited adventurer, you’d rather take action than swim in your feelings, especially the deepest ones, Sagittarius. But Cancer season will challenge you to do just that, because the sun is moving through your eighth house of emotional bonds. This moment’s all about connecting on a more intimate level with your partner or loved ones.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Cancer season throws the spotlight on your key one-on-one relationships — whether they’re romantic, platonic, or professional — because the sun is moving through your seventh house of partnership, Capricorn. Whether you and your partner are moving toward a shared goal or you’re mapping out a business proposal with a colleague, you’ll have more confidence and self-assuredness to collaborate closely as part of a pair.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Keeping your daily hustle strong and ticking off all your to-do list could feel less stressful now, thanks to the sun moving through your sixth house of wellness and daily routine, Aquarius. You’ll be more focused and determined to infuse your day-to-day with more balance, peace, and calm.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Cancer season can be one of the most heartfelt, creative periods of the year for you, Pisces, because the sun is in your fifth house of romance, play, and creativity. The more you can pour those deeply felt emotions into your favorite artistic outlet or sending mushy reels to your best friends, the lighter, airier, and more connected you’ll feel. This is also the perfect time of year for you to hit pause on putting your nose to the grindstone in order to embrace spontaneity. Work can wait — you absolutely deserve that getaway with your SO or a dear friend.