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My Living Room Looks Ten Times More Expensive With Castlery’s Auburn Sectional

Reported by POPSUGAR:

The Castlery Auburn Sectional Sofa.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

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Editors can’t get enough of Castlery’s stylish furniture, especially its lineup of sofas. The brand is the epitome of quiet luxury . . . without the price tag. From the cloud-like Dawson to the deep-seated Hamilton or the modern Todd sofa, I’ve consistently heard praise for Castlery’s sofas. I was especially blown away by how each piece looked sophisticated and elevated without costing an arm and a leg. So, I had to see for myself if the DTC furniture brand is really worth the hype.

I tested out one of the brand’s most stylish sofas: the Castlery Auburn Sectional Sofa ($3,157). It has a contemporary, rounded silhouette with a performance-grade boucle fabric. It’s both elevated and lounge-worthy, and it checked off every single box as my dream couch. Keep reading to see my full review of the Auburn sofa.

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What’s the Criteria For a Good Sofa?

A good sofa depends on your own preferences and needs, like the right size, style and design, and comfort, which can be subjective. I wanted something that exuded a luxe look while striking the balance of comfortable warmth.

Interior design expert Gil Walsh of GW Interiors previously told POPSUGAR, “The comfort is all in the weave of the fabric. Soft, plush, and textured fabrics are the coziest, and when we need durable fabric, we look for a plush performance fabric.” This is exactly what the Auburn Sofa has with its performance bouclé fabric. The sofa also has a durable hardwood frame, which is another thing she recommends.

What I Like About the Castlery Auburn Sectional Sofa

Boucle texture of the Castlery Auburn Sectional Sofa.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

The moment I laid my eyes on the Auburn Sectional Sofa, I knew it was a perfect fit for my space. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of the design — it’s elevated and modern with its rounded silhouette, but the bouclé brings out the softness and cozy feel. Plus, its modular design lends itself for my space.

Once it was delivered and I quickly set it up, I didn’t realize how luxe it would make my living room look. In fact, I was initially too scared to use it until I remembered it’s made with a spill-resistant performance fabric. Its clean-lined look completely revamped my space, but it’s built for everyday use. I can comfortably lounge in its deep seats and curl up for a movie night, host my friends and make them feel like they entered a swanky hotel lobby, and just have my home feel like a slice of luxury.

The firmness of the seat and back cushions of the Castlery Auburn sofa.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

The cushions are the perfect balance of firm yet plush, especially if you have spinal or back issues. Although the site says it has a more relaxed and soft seat comfort, it does not feel like I’m sinking into it. My posture feels supported when I lean back, but it doesn’t feel too firm either.

Who’s the Castlery Auburn Sectional Sofa Best For?

Castlery’s Auburn Sectional is best for those looking for something that will elevate their living space. It’s a piece that is made for everyday lounging but adds to your home decor as well. Plus, because of its performance bouclé fabric, this is perfect for those with kids, pets, or if you’re prone to spilling.

Since there are various configurations and seating options to choose from, I recommend seeing what your space can fit and what your seating requirements are before you choose your model. You might need to opt for the build-your-own-set option to truly make it fit your needs. You can also add in storage consoles with table tops that act as side tables and even an ottoman.

What to Consider Before Trying the Castlery Auburn Sectional Sofa

The Auburn style has a comfortable plushness to it but it’s not necessarily cloud-like. There’s a supportive firmness to it that helps it keep its structured shape. I would describe this couch as more of an entertainer’s piece for hosting and gathering rather than a couch you can take a midday nap on.

Because of its curved silhouette, this is best suited for a more contemporary space. The boucle is elegant and performance-grade, but if you’re opting for the white option like I did and you have hair, you will need to vacuum it weekly to keep it looking pristine. Since this is a modular sectional, you will have to assemble the pieces together, but it only takes a few minutes once you figure out where you want each piece to go.

Is the Castlery Auburn Sectional Sofa Worth the Splurge?

With its elevated curved structure and trend-driven bouclé fabric, the Auburn sofa is worth the splurge, especially since it actually looks more expensive than it actually is. Similar styles of this sofa with the same quality from other retailers tend to be priced higher than this one from Castlery, so you will be getting your money’s worth. This will completely transform the vibe of your space and truly update it without needing to do anything else.

Additional Details

  • It comes in a variety of configurations, including a chaise sofa, a rounded sectional, a curved L-shaped sectional, an extended L-shape sectional, and an option to build your own.
  • It’s available in two colors: an off-white cream bouclé and a gray chalk bouclé.
  • The bouclé fabric is a 100 percent polyester that is spill-resistant.
  • The sofa seat filling is foam, fiber, and pocket spring, the sofa back is foam and fiber filled, and it has a sinuous suspension.
  • Throw pillows are included.

Where is the Castlery Auburn Sectional Sofa Available?

The Castlery Auburn Sectional Sofa is available on the brand’s site.




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