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Conservatives target ‘ESG elites’ ascending on Washington for energy summit

Reported by Washington Times:

Anti-ESG crusader Consumers’ Research is set to parade mobile billboards on streets in the heart of Washington Thursday as top government officials and influential voices gather at an event to discuss energy and green initiatives, the conservative activist group told The Washington Times.

As part of its public advocacy campaign against the climate-conscience financial strategy known as environmental, social and corporate government investing — or ESG — Consumers’ Research will deploy mobile digital billboards describing the movement as a threat to Americans’ savings and a proponent of human rights violations, for people gathering at the Politico Energy Summit to see.

The event’s featured speakers include Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Democratic Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts, and sustainability executives at Citi and Microsoft, among others. It will include a conversation about “the latest developments in Washington in the battle to implement and enforce ESG standards to combat climate change.”

“While ESG elites are convening in Washington, D.C., to pat themselves on the back for how great ESG is, we will be reminding them of what their far-left ESG agenda really means,” said Consumers’ Research Executive Director Will Hild. “The Biden administration and woke corporations continue to push an activist climate agenda on hard working Americans resulting in rising prices for gas, groceries and other essential goods.”

The mobile billboards will be displayed for eight hours during the duration of the summit and shuffle between slides. One describes ESG as standing for “Erasing Savings & Growth,” while another says it means “Enabling Slave labor & and Genocide,” the latter of which is a reference to Chinese slave labor, and genocide in places such as Africa where critical minerals key for electric vehicles are mined.

Another billboard will feature the CEOs of three of the world’s largest investment firms known for their pro-ESG stances — Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street — along with the assertion that ESG stands for Elitists, Socialists and Grifters.

“We aren’t going to allow them to enjoy this summit tailor-made for self-aggrandizing without a reminder of the cost Americans and citizens of the world are paying for their woke policies,” Mr. Hild said.

The three financial institutions did not respond to a request for comment. 

Source:Washington Times