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Democratic Party tries to flip the script on immigration to save Biden in battleground states

Reported by Washington Times:

The Democratic National Committee has erected billboards in Michigan accusing former President Donald Trump of causing the border chaos by blowing up an immigration deal on Capitol Hill.

It is the latest attempt by President Biden and his Democrats to shift the blame for the mess at the U.S.-Mexico border — an issue that threatens to hurt Mr. Biden’s reelection bid.

Donald Trump broke the border,” the billboard says. “He and MAGA Republicans killed the bipartisan border deal. Donald Trump just wants chaos, not solutions.”

The ad campaign comes ahead of Mr. Trump’s visit Tuesday to Grand Rapids where he plans to deliver remarks on “Biden’s Border Bloodbath.”

Mr. Trump also has a rally slated later in Wisconsin, another swing state where the immigration issue has resonated with voters.

Mr. Trump rallied Republicans earlier this year to knife a bipartisan immigration deal that sought to stem the flow of illegal border crossings and included additional assistance for Ukraine.

“While President Biden worked across the aisle to find a bipartisan solution to secure our border, Trump directed MAGA Republicans to block the toughest, fairest border deal in decades – putting his own political ambitions ahead of border security,” DNC spokesperson Stephanie Justice said in a statement Tuesday.

Mr. Trump and Republicans say the charge is bogus and smacks of political desperation.

They say Mr. Biden is the one who doesn’t want to do anything about the border and say he could unilaterally address the situation by reinstating Trump-era policies credited with reducing illegal crossings.

Upon taking office, Mr. Biden quickly canceled Mr. Trump’s border policies and a massive increase in illegal immigration ensued.

Mr. Biden has struggled with the issue. Polls show voters across the political spectrum — including in swing states such as Michigan — are unhappy with his handling of immigration and border security.

Source:Washington Times