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Eric Swalwell promises ‘Cabinet of Republicans and Democrats’ if he wins presidency

Reported by Washington Times:

Rep. Eric Swalwell officially kicked off his candidacy for president Sunday, adding he would assemble a “team of rivals” in his presidential Cabinet if he should win the 2020 election.

“I’m the son of two Republicans. I married a Hoosier, who grew up in Pence country. I’ve worked with Republicans my whole life, reaching across the dinner table, and reaching across the aisle. I go on Fox News just so most of my family can see me on TV,” the California Democrat said.

“We must unite our deeply divided country. So, I pledge to lead our country with a team of rivals — a blended Cabinet of Republicans and Democrats,” he continued.

Mr. Swalwell is one of the almost 20 Democrats currently vying to be the nominee to challenge Mr. Trump in the 2020 election.

The representative said his top campaign issue would be addressing gun violence, announcing plans for a mandatory federal semi-automatic rifle ban and buyback program.

“A year ago, hope died at Parkland, but, in a uniquely American way, owing to the courage and strength of children, hope was reborn at Parkland. Hope has been reborn here in America too,” Mr. Swalwell said, referring to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, according to CNN.

“That’s why I started my campaign at Parkland. I pledged to that community what I pledge to you — I will be the first campaign to make ending gun violence the top priority in my campaign,” he added.

Source:Washington Times


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