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I Just Stopped Laughing Long Enough to Realize These “Floaty Pants” Are Pretty Genius

Reported by POPSUGAR:

Giggle all you want, but Amazon’s Floaty Pants flotation devices ($45) could be the key to making your Summer swim-time more enjoyable. Do they look kind-of silly? Perhaps, but you’ll be the last one laughing when you can hold drinks in both hands and float down your preferred body of water without a care.

Growing up, my sisters and I would wear life jackets upside down, hoping to achieve the perfect level of flotation. Turns out, these Floaty Pants could’ve come in handy for our annual lake trips. According to Amazon reviewers, the pants provide more stability than my age-old life jacket trick or even a pool noodle. “You can float for 6 hours straight with no problem,” one user wrote. “You could not have a better footing to body out of the water ratio. You can float straight up but also since the back is large enough you can lay back with your feet up too.”

Sipping drinks, playing pool games, or just chatting with friends is easier when you’re not worried about treading water. So, if you’re interested in buckling into one of these flotation devices, keep reading to see all the pants at your disposal.