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This Pissed-Off Cat Tissue Dispenser Is Like If Your Moody Grandpa Offered You His Hanky

Reported by POPSUGAR:

Cat person or not, there’s something irresistible about buying products that depict cats with a serious attitude problem. Maybe it’s the heaviness of the eyes that just get us!

The latest feline must have has got to be this Neboku The Cat Is Eating Tissue Paper ($25), which is essentially a fuzzy and fluffy cat cover for your tissue box. There are elastic bands on the underside that affix to an ordinary tissue box, and then you pull the tissue out of the cat’s mouth. I don’t know about you, but when I think about blowing my nose, I definitely want this grumpy grandpa cat involved in some capacity.

Fluffy Cat Tissue Box

Neboku The Cat Is Eating Tissue Paper

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