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60+ Seafood Recipes to Get You Through the Lenten Season and Beyond

Reported by POPSUGAR: Many Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent and get creative with

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This Pastel Lemon Cheesecake Will Add Sunshine to Your Disney Day (and Instagram Feed)

Reported by POPSUGAR: Hei! (That’s “hi” in Norwegian.) We’re just dropping by to report that a bright new dessert…

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If You’ve Ever Wanted to Make a Rainbow Cake, This New Cookbook Is For You

Reported by POPSUGAR: Rainbows, sprinkles, and cake— where do we sign up? If you’ve ever wanted to learn…

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There’s a 41-Pound Cat Named Barsik Who’s in Desperate Need of a Forever Home

Reported by POPSUGAR: At this very moment, at least 3.2 million…

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Cheerios Just Released a New Blueberry Flavor For Spring, and, Heck Yes, It’s Permanent!

Reported by POPSUGAR: There’s no reason to mess with a…

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Grab a Spoon! You’ll Want to Eat This Birthday Cake Cool Whip Straight Out of the Tub

Reported by POPSUGAR: Ahem, excuse me? Cool Whip is selling what now? Yep, you’re reading this right: Birthday…

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This New Canned Sparkling Wine Means You’ll Never Have to Fear Popping Champagne Again

Reported by POPSUGAR: I am never the friend who volunteers to open the bottle of Champagne or sparkling…

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70+ Furniture Pieces That Will Truly Knock Your Socks Off — For Less Than $250

Reported by POPSUGAR: Thanks to online shopping, it’s easier than ever to find the best deals on just…

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Spring (Decor) Is in Full Bloom, and These 90 Easter Centerpieces Are Budding With Beauty

Reported by POPSUGAR: Flower-lovers already know that Spring offers prime pickings for gorgeous, fresh blooms, but it doesn’t…

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Wine-Lovers Say What? Macrame Wine Totes May Be Your New Favorite Brunch Accessory

Reported by POPSUGAR: Picnic on the beach? BBQ with family? Brunch with friends? For me, Summer is all about…

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