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Anthropologie Just Dropped Its Most Gorgeous Collection to Date, So There Goes My Tax Return

Reported by POPSUGAR: As we approach the dawn of Spring cleaning season, Anthropologie has taken it upon…

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101 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Any Type of Guy

Reported by POPSUGAR: The holidays basically JUST happened, so if you spent the bulk of your cash then but…

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This Cat and Dog Snuggling While Their Humans Are at Work Is So Cute, My Cold Heart Is Melting

Reported by POPSUGAR: While my boyfriend and I are at work during the day, I get alerts on my…

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Big Fan of the Puppy Bowl? Here’s What You Probably Didn’t Know

Reported by POPSUGAR: If you’re utterly obsessed with dogs, then there’s no doubt you’re a loyal viewer of…

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Heart-Shaped Reese’s Puffs Are on Shelves For Valentine’s Day, So Pour Yourself a Bowl of Love

Reported by POPSUGAR: Heart-shaped versions of foods for Valentine’s Day don’t necessarily taste different, but they’re just a little…

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Chewy Skittles Without a SHELL Are a Real Thing, and Honestly, Who Asked For This?

Reported by POPSUGAR: You ever see a new food on shelves and think, “Who the heck asked for this?”…

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These Blocks Let You Build Your Own Life-Size Cat, and How Many Is Too Many?

Reported by POPSUGAR: As a tried-and-true cat lady, there’s absolutely nothing I love more than snuggling with one…

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11 Desk Organizers From Amazon So Satisfying, You’ll Never Want to Leave the Office

Reported by POPSUGAR: Is your desk a pile of papers and random baubles? Join the club. If one…

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15 Genius Home Organizers We Didn’t Know We Were Missing From Our Lives

Reported by POPSUGAR: If you feel like your home could use a pick-me-up this year, now’s the time to…

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In the Mood to Redecorate? These 12 Gorgeous Furniture Pieces Might Be For You

Reported by POPSUGAR: If you ever look at your home and feel like it could use a little…

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