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McCarthy sends team to White House ‘to finish up’ debt limit deal

Reported by Washington Times:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday he was sending his negotiators to the White House and he anticipated a breakthrough on a deal to cut spending and raise the debt limit.

Mr. McCarthy said the negotiations were still far apart when it came to cutting spending but House Republicans were committed “to solving the problem.”

“I’m sending our negotiating team down to the White House to try to finish up the negotiations,” said Mr. McCarthy, California Republican. “I think we can make progress today, I’m hoping we can make progress today.”

For more than a week, negotiations have been deadlocked over spending cuts.

House Republicans want to cut at least $130 billion from the upcoming budget and then cap spending growth at 1% for the next decade. Mr. Biden has rebuffed the proposal, offering to keep spending flat and to cap future growth for only two years.

Complicating the talks is that House Republicans also want to boost funding for border security, veterans and the Pentagon.

“Based on what Republicans have shown us with the appropriations bills, we are looking at a 30% cut across the board to the remaining domestic programs,” said Rep. Pete Aguilar, California Democrat.

President Biden and Republicans also are divided on expanding work requirements for able-bodied and childless adults.

House Republicans want such recipients of Medicaid, food stamps and cash assistance to work at least 20 hours per week. They also proposed blocking states and the federal government from waiving work requirements for food stamps.

Mr. Biden balked at new work requirements for food stamps and Medicaid but has shown openness to imposing them on recipients of cash payments. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that would only save $6 million through 20233.

Source:Washington Times