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This Flavorful Chai Latte Helped to Spice Up My Tea Cabinet For the Better (Literally)

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Dearest reader, I’m pleased to report that with temperatures finally cooling off after a longwinded fall: tea season is officially here. I don’t know about you, but something about the coziness of the holidays and colder weather always inspires me to switch up my usual coffee order in favor of a hot tea of some kind. Typically I prefer to stick to what I know and opt for my usual favorite blends like English Breakfast, Chamomile, or even Earl Grey. But this season I’ve felt compelled to freshen up my tea cabinet with a few new flavors — and have even discovered my new favorite blend in the form of the Kola Goodies Masala Chai Latte ($27).

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Fair warning: this isn’t your grandma’s chai latte — in fact, by all accounts (and the wide array of spices that are included in the blend’s ingredient list), it’s supremely better. Not only is the chai tea latte incredibly flavorful thanks to spicy notes of Ceylon cinnamon and cloves, but it’s also super easy to make; Kola Goodies has somehow managed to package a high-quality, coffee shop-style chai latte blend into an affordable tea that’s flavorful, addictive, and just zesty enough to provide me with a welcomed afternoon pick-me-up whenever I need it.

Keep reading for my full review and to see why this tea has quickly become a staple in my kitchen.

What’s the Criteria For a Good Chai Tea Latte?

Frankly, this might vary depending on who you ask, but for me, I look for a product that’s reasonably priced (because I’ll likely be going through a lot of it), flavorful and rich in fresh ingredients that I can taste within the first sip, and easy to whip up so that it doesn’t feel like a hassle making it at home.

What I Like About This Chai Tea Latte

Unlike traditional lattes, this masala chai latte is designed to encapsulate all of the flavors that people typically love and associate with a chai latte (think creamy black tea with milk in it), but with a spicier kick provided by additions like cardamom, ginger, clove, black pepper, and Ceylon cinnamon. The resulting product is a range of flavors that feel zesty and bold enough to give you an energetic kick, teamed with a soothing loose leaf Ceylon black tea that makes for the most perfect base. I appreciate that it’s unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before, so it feels like I’m indulging in something unique and totally one-of-a-kind — all within the comforts of my kitchen.

Beyond just the taste, I love how easy this drink is to make. Per the brand, you simply need to boil one cup of water, pour and mix in four tablespoons of the chai latte blend, let it sit for five minutes, and then pour the formula into your cup of choice while straining it. The entire process takes me less than 15 minutes and I’m left with a decadent and luxurious tasting tea that’s so rich, I’d be convinced a professional tea connoisseur made it if I hadn’t whipped it up myself. It’s easy to make and delivers majorly on the flavor-front — what’s not to love?

Who Is the Kola Goodies Chai Tea Latte Blend Best For?

Whether you’re someone looking to spice up your tea cabinet (literally) or are a chai latte aficionado in search of the world’s best blend, you truly can’t beat this variation from Kola Goodies. The flavors come through so beautifully, and it’s rare to find a blend with so many unique spices included — particularly one that doesn’t require you to mix in or measure out the spices yourself.

Additional Details:

  • Kola Goodies has a number of tea latte blends, including the chai tea latte (my drink of choice), the Sri Lankan milk tea latte, and an oat mylke latte.
  • The blend has no fillers or preservatives, and the loose leaf tea comes from smallholder farmers — so it’s a tea that you can feel genuinely good about drinking for a variety of reasons.
  • As with all of the teas from Kola Goodies, the included spices have been directly sourced from farmer collectives in an effort to provide premium freshness within each blend.

Where Is the Kola Goodies Chai Tea Latte Available to Shop?

This chai tea latte blend is available to shop at Amazon and Kola Goodies ($27).