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Former Google X executive is embarking on a ‘personal moonshot’ to make one billion people happy

Reported by CNBC:  Mo Gawdat, formerly the chief business officer for the Google X “moonshot factory,” has…

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FAA to require tests on engine type that exploded during Southwest flight

Reported by CNBC:  The type of engine that exploded on a Southwest Airlines plane this…

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7 top scams thieves are using to snatch your cash

Reported by CNBC:  If you spot an ATM that’s spewing cash, then you may have just walked…

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Barbara Bush was much more than ‘everybody’s grandmother’

Reported by CNBC:  Mrs. Bush’s sense of humor helped make her popular, but her selection as a…

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Why Denmark dominates the World Happiness Report rankings year after year

Reported by CNBC:  This year’s World Happiness Report again ranks Denmark among the top three…

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Severe rainfall strands dozens at Hawaii evacuation shelter

Reported by CNBC:  Dozens of people are stranded at a Red Cross shelter on Kauai after a storm dropped…

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Manchester City wins Premier League after rival Manchester United’s shock loss

Reported by CNBC:  A week later than they would have preferred Manchester City were crowned Premier…

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American Airlines warns pilots some Asia flights could be rerouted amid growing Russia tensions

Reported by CNBC:  Three Asia-bound American Airlines flights that normally fly over Russia have been…

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Airlines ground over 800 flights as storm hits Texas

Over 600 flights at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport were canceled today due to freezing rain and sleet. According…

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Donald Trump New Campaign Slogan

Trump may have chosen his 2020 campaign slogan

Donald Trump’s campaign slogan for 2020 could very well be, “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” Today, while president Trump was…

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