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New York congressman fed up with MTG’s ‘theater’

Reported by Washington Times:

Rep. Marc Molinaro is over the drama surrounding Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in the House and says he’s not alone.

“Her theater and this constant effort to hold the Congress hostage has to come to an end,” Mr. Molinaro, New York Republican, said on CNN Wednesday. “I’m going to have no part in it.”

“And a good number of my colleagues — conservative and moderate — believe that enough is enough,” he said. “It is time to move on and to move past this kind of nonsense.”

The Washington Times reached out to Ms. Greene‘s office for a response.

Ms. Greene, Georgia Republican, threatened House Speaker Mike Johnson, Louisiana Republican, with a motion to vacate last month. While she hasn’t forced a vote on the issue, terminating the speaker could send the House into chaos.

Mr. Johnson unveiled a foreign aid package Wednesday that would include funds in three bills for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

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Supporting Ukraine aid without including any U.S. border provisions could be the tipping point when it comes to Ms. Greene’s threat of an ouster.

Mr. Johnson is also planning a fourth bill that would use seized Russian assets for aid and include sanctions for Russia, China and Iran. It would also have language of the House-passed bill that requires TikTok to be sold to an American company, a move stalled in the House.

A fifth bill has key parts of the House GOP’s Secure the Border Act.

The bills will have a hard time if Mr. Johnson doesn’t get support from any Democrats, with the GOP majority slimming down.

Mr. Molinaro, a freshman lawmaker, flipped the open seat in New York’s 19th Congressional District in 2022. His effort to distance himself from Ms. Greene and the hard right could help him hold on to his swing seat in 2024.

He called on Congress to work together.

“We have a bipartisan government, and the only way good policy is going to be made better, the only way we’re going to stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies — Israel and Ukraine —the only way we push back against evil like Putin, is to do it in a bipartisan way,” he said. “And I want to be judged by my ability and willingness to work across the aisle with anyone who’s honest and earnest about solving the problems that face America and the people I serve.”

Source:Washington Times