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Speaker Mike Johnson adds border security in a bid to pass stalled foreign aid package

Reported by Washington Times:

House Speaker Mike Johnson added a border security measure to a foreign aid package in a bid to appease conservatives, he told rank-and-file lawmakers Wednesday morning.

Mr. Johnson, who has faced the threat of removal by his right flank, said lawmakers would vote on the package Saturday night.

The package includes three aid bills for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Johnson also plans to release a fourth bill providing a loan for Ukraine,  a new policy to allow the use of seized Russian assets for aid, and sanctions for Russia, China and Iran.

The legislation would also include the language of a House bill requiring TikTok to divest from China.

A separate fifth bill is also expected Wednesday that will include the core components of the House GOP’s Secure the Border Act, which conservatives demanded he include in the Ukraine aid bill.

Mr. Johnson told lawmakers the package would be released Wednesday.

“After significant member feedback and discussion, the House Rules Committee will be posting soon today the text of three bills that will fund America’s national security interests and allies in Israel, the Indo-Pacific, and Ukraine, including a loan structure for aid, and enhanced strategy and accountability,” Mr. Johnson said.

Mr. Johnson said that he is ensuring that there is time for a “robust amendment process” for each of the bills and that lawmakers should expect to vote on the measures Saturday evening.

It’s not clear now how many GOP votes the package will attract. Several Republicans have already pledged to vote against a rule to advance the package because it would bundle the separate measures together before they are considered in the Senate.

By Saturday, the GOP will be working with a one-seat majority after Rep. Mike Gallager, of Wisconsin, resigns on Friday.

Source:Washington Times