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Jet Blue - National Hill

LOS ANGELES: ‘No fees to change flights’ says Jet Blue

In a surprising twist, several airlines have decided NOT to charge passengers massive fees to change travel plans. I guess if you’ve been…

Overwatch, Overwatch leauge, Preason

Overwatch Preseason Starts in Full Swing

If you own a PC and are a gamer you probably have heard of Blizzard’s massive success “Overwatch”. With the preseason just starting…

McGregor, MMA, UFc

Who Deserves a shot at The Irish King Conor McGregor?

While Conor McGregor has been MIA in the world Of MMA the UFC has not been with out some killer performances at…


Game Of the Year Nominees for 2017

As you all well know 2017 has been jammed packed with everything from new consoles, franchises and sequels. Truly an amazing time be…

Startup Founders - National Hill

SURVEY: Startup Founds And Sexual Harassment

A new survey conducted by First Round Capital sheds some light on startups and the nationwide focus on sexual harassment. The survey included…

ICE National Hill

Homeland Security ‘Illegal Border Crossings 45 Year Low’

According to year end numbers from the Department of Homeland Security, illegal border crossings hit a 45 year low. In the first year…

Kitchen Items

Twelve Kitchen Items That Are Worth Buying

If only kitchen appliances grew on trees, we would all be better chefs, or at least we would have better appliances. If you’re…

National Hill - TIME

Time’s Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers

No, Donald Trump didn’t get Time’s Person of the Year. Instead it went to a collective group, The Silence Breakers. This isn’t…

Trader Joes Tweets

Trader Joe’s Twitter Game Is Amazing

What is it about Trader Joe’s that is just so damn addicting? Have you tried those mini brownie bites sprinkled with sea salt?…

John Fox

Is John Fox leaving Chicago?

I wouldn’t want to be in John Fox’s position right about now. At a winning percentage of .273 John Fox has the worst…