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Pretty in Pink: 11 of the Best Places to Spot Cherry Blossoms This Spring

Reported by POPSUGAR:

You know you’re finally in the homestretch of Winter when you spot your first cherry blossom tree, and oh, what a sweet moment that is. After months of snow, cold, and staying indoors, Spring can’t come soon enough, and those cherry blossoms are a sweet and beautiful promise that you’re almost there. While you may have to wait a little into the Spring season before these appear in cities on the East Coast, you may be in luck if you find yourself in Japan (and if you do, we’re extremely jealous). Before these pink beauties line the streets, plan a little getaway to see them in one of the top 11 places they bloom. Keep reading to see them all now, just make sure you pack some tissues (for both the beauty and the allergies).



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