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Biden to boast of economic successes in State of the Union address

Reported by Washington Times: President Biden will use his State of the Union speech on Tuesday to take…

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House Republicans launch probe into former FBI official Charles McGonigal

Reported by Washington Times: House Judiciary Republicans Thursday launched an investigation into Charles McGonigal, the former FBI official…

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Ilhan Omar kicked off Foreign Affairs Committee

Reported by Washington Times: The House on Thursday removed Rep. Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee for…

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Speaker McCarthy plants GOP flag at debt talks with Biden

Reported by Washington Times: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy met with President Biden on Wednesday for one-on-one talks over…

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Oklahoma weighs divesting billions from BlackRock, other finance firms over climate-friendly ESG

Reported by Washington Times: The world’s largest financial institutions that do business with Oklahoma were put on notice…

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National Archives statement blocked after Biden classified docs discovered, Rep. James Comer says

Reported by Washington Times: The National Archives and Records Administration was stopped from issuing a prepared press release…

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House GOP warns against ‘massive subsidies and rigging regulations’ in favor of clean energy

Reported by Washington Times: House Republicans fired a warning shot Tuesday at Democrats’ climate change agenda, cautioning that…

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House GOP to host Boris Johnson for reception at Capitol Hill venue

Reported by Washington Times: House Republicans will host former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Capitol Hill…

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House GOP pursues bills to end vaccine mandates, pandemic protocols

Reported by Washington Times: House Republicans are pursuing a series of bills this week aimed at ending any…

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Ukraine war, threats from China prompt return of nuclear anxiety

Reported by Washington Times: NEWS AND OPINION: …

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