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Alvin Bragg made his tough-on-Trump record central to his campaign for Manhattan DA

Reported by Washington Times: Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s decision to bring criminal charges against former President Donald…

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Conservative media figures leap to Trump’s defense

Reported by Washington Times: NEW YORK — Conservative media figures leaped to Donald Trump’s defense with apocalyptic language…

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White House decries Russian detention of WSJ reporter

Reported by Washington Times: The White House on Thursday condemned Russia over the arrest of a Wall Street…

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Senate votes to end three-year-old COVID-19 national emergency

Reported by Washington Times: The Senate passed legislation Wednesday to scrap the federal government’s three-year-old COVID-19 national emergency. …

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Senate votes to repeal 2002 measure that approved Iraq war

Reported by Washington Times: The Senate voted Wednesday to repeal the resolution that gave a green light for…

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Press secretary for Arizona’s Democratic governor tweets gun-toting image ripping ‘transphobes’

Reported by Washington Times: Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs’ press secretary ignited an uproar with a tweet blasting “transphobes”…

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McConnell urges lawmakers to keep Iraq war powers in wake of strikes by Iranian-backed militias

Reported by Washington Times: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday called on lawmakers to oppose the Senate…

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IRS sent agent to Twitter Files journalist’s home on day of House weaponization committee testimony

Reported by Washington Times: House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan is probing an unannounced, in-person visit by the…

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Grand jury expected to resume work in Trump hush money case

Reported by Washington Times: The Manhattan grand jury weighing criminal charges against former President Trump in connection with…

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Reagan’s foreign policy doctrine contrasted to Biden’s approach to global unrest

Reported by Washington Times: NEWS AND OPINION: …

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