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Jeffries says that Dems need more time to review new stopgap bill, GOP not ‘trustworthy’

Reported by Washington Times: Democrat Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries said that members of his conference don’t trust the…

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McCarthy, GOP regroup following staggering stopgap defeat, plan to try again Saturday

Reported by Washington Times: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy went back to the drawing board after a large…

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Did U.S. hack China? NSA dodges question

Reported by Washington Times: American cyber officials are avoiding complaints from the Chinese government that the National Security…

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Biden plans to sign legislation reversing administration’s move to defund shooting sports in schools

Reported by Washington Times: Veto-proof supermajorities in both the House and Senate sent legislation to President Biden intended…

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New Mexico trial begins over allegations that Democrats tried to dilute votes with redistricting map

Reported by Washington Times: SANTA FE, N.M. — Accusations that New Mexico’s Democratic-led Legislature unfairly diluted the vote…

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Question at Republican debate backfires on moderator Dana Perino

Reported by Washington Times: Republican White House hopefuls at Wednesday’s debate briefly tucked away their boxing gloves to…

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Scalise says cancer has ‘dropped dramatically’ after month of treatment

Reported by Washington Times: House Majority Leader Steve Scalise said his cancer treatment has been effective in…

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New poll shows Virginia Democrat down big after online sex scandal

Reported by Washington Times: A Democratic candidate running for Virginia’s State House is down by over 10 points…

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Biden: ‘We should stop electing’ House Republicans if they can’t fund the government

Reported by Washington Times: President Biden called out lawmakers who “are willing to shut down the government,” saying…

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Frustrated Denver CEO dumps human poop from homeless on city hall steps

Reported by Washington Times: DENVER — It turns out San Francisco isn’t the only Democrat-run city with a…

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