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Britain expresses concern over Hong Kong speech rights

Reported by Washington Times: HONG KONG (AP) – Britain has expressed concern over freedom of speech in its…

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Key Republicans sound positive notes after Kavanaugh report

Reported by Washington Times: They didn’t announce how they’d vote, but two of the three Republicans seen as…

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Pompeo backs away from denuclearization goal for North Korea

Reported by Washington Times: WASHINGTON (AP) – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is distancing himself from a previously…

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Kavanaugh’s ‘revenge’ theory spotlights past with Clintons

Reported by Washington Times: WASHINGTON (AP) – To some, Brett Kavanaugh is clearing his name. To others,…

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White House tells FBI it can talk to anyone about Kavanaugh

Reported by Washington Times: WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House has given the FBI clearance to interview anyone…

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Josh Hawley calls for special counsel to investigate handling of Kavanaugh allegations

Reported by Washington Times: Missouri GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley called Monday for a special counsel to…

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Mexican students massacred by army in 1968, by gangs today

Reported by Washington Times: MEXICO CITY (AP) – When soldiers massacred as many as 300 people at a…

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Montana Senate candidates clash over Kavanaugh nomination

Reported by Washington Times: BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale says Supreme Court nominee…

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Doug Jones to vote ‘no’ on Brett Kavanaugh

Reported by Washington Times: A self-styled centrist Democrat from one of the most conservative states in the union…

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Will the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing be a where-were-you moment?

Reported by Washington Times: WASHINGTON (AP) – Could it be, years from now, that you will remember where…

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