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Report: Fired Biden energy official Sam Brinton led D.C.’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Reported by Washington Times: The “nonbinary” person whom President Biden picked to oversee America’s nuclear waste had a…

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Twitter’s launch of DeSantis’ presidential bid underscores platform’s rightward shift under Musk

Reported by Washington Times: NEW YORK — Two years ago, signing a bill intended to punish Twitter and…

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Alabama lawmakers attempt to define ‘what is a woman’

Reported by Washington Times: MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama lawmakers on Wednesday advanced legislation that would define who is…

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McCarthy sends team to White House ‘to finish up’ debt limit deal

Reported by Washington Times: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday he was sending his negotiators to the White…

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Joy Behar: Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas don’t understand what it means to be Black in America

Reported by Washington Times: Former blackface-wearing comedian Joy Behar said Sen. Tim Scott and Supreme Court Justice Clarence…

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Frustrations brewing as Biden drags feet on Space Command basing decision

Reported by Washington Times: U.S. Space Command, the military’s newest unified combatant command, remains in a kind of…

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‘Will not run’: Tucker Carlson shuts down Draft Tucker PAC, 2024 talk

Reported by Washington Times: Tucker Carlson doesn’t want to be president. …

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Tom Carper becomes latest Senate Democrat to not seek reelection

Reported by Washington Times: Sen. Tom Carper, Delaware Democrat, announced Monday that he will not seek reelection…

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GOP governors, state legislatures leading nation in job growth

Reported by Washington Times: NEWS AND OPINION: …

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N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper: New abortion law is compromise between ‘right-wing and the radical right-wing’

Reported by Washington Times: North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said Sunday that the state’s new 12-week abortion law…

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