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Mitt Romney recoils at the idea of Herman Cain on Fed, says businessman too ‘partisan’

Reported by Washington Times: Sen. Mitt Romney doesn’t want to see Herman Cain of “9-9-9” fame sitting…

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El Salvador trip holds family connection for governor’s aide

Reported by Washington Times: SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – California Gov. Gavin Newsom is traveling to El Salvador to…

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House Democrats’ budget plan boosts spending caps by more than $350 billion over two years

Reported by Washington Times: House Democrats on Tuesday unveiled a proposal that would boost discretionary spending caps by…

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New Zealand lawmakers pass initial vote for new gun controls

Reported by Washington Times: WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) – New Zealand lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly in favor…

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Donald Trump already has replacement ready for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s post: Report

Reported by Washington Times: President Trump allegedly has a replacement ready to fill Supreme Court Justice…

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Lucy Flores’ Joe Biden allegation doesn’t disqualify him, Democrats say

Reported by Washington Times: Democrats may need to replace their call to “believe women” with “two strikes, you’re…

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Caravan of 40 Salvadoran migrants sets out for US border

Reported by Washington Times: SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) – The “mother of all caravans” expected to depart…

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Trump’s sudden shift to health care scrambles GOP plans

Reported by Washington Times: WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump’s decision to revive the fight over the…

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Donald Trump will ‘definitely’ pardon Roger Stone: Mueller witness Randy Credico

Reported by Washington Times: President Trump’s longtime confidant Roger Stone will “definitely” receive a White House pardon…

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Elizabeth Warren: Voters don’t care about Mueller report

Reported by Washington Times: Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Monday that voters care about the issues that affect…

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