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House Speaker McCarthy throws cold water on faltering debt ceiling negotiations

Reported by Washington Times: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Saturday that the debt ceiling negotiations with the White…

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Ex-Rep. Mark Walker launching guberantroail bid in North Carolina

Reported by Washington Times: Former Rep Mark Warner is running to be governor of North Carolina. …

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Biden, McCarthy restart debt negotiations after snafu over spending cuts

Reported by Washington Times: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is set to resume negotiations with White House officials over…

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Sen. Tim Scott files paperwork for 2024 GOP presidential bid

Reported by Washington Times: Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina has filed his paperwork with the Federal…

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Oregon elections officials fine state’s Democratic Party

Reported by Washington Times: PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon elections officials have fined the Democratic Party of Oregon $15,000…

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Conservatives target ‘ESG elites’ ascending on Washington for energy summit

Reported by Washington Times: Anti-ESG crusader Consumers’ Research is set to parade mobile billboards on streets in the…

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Texas Legislature OKs ban on gender-transition care for minors

Reported by Washington Times: AUSTIN, Texas — Texas would become the largest state to ban gender-transition care for…

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New York GOP clamor for a special election to help party hold on to George Santos’ seat

Reported by Washington Times: A House Democratic lawmaker has raised a privileged resolution to expel disgraced Rep. George…

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Democrat Cherelle Parker wins primary for Philadelphia mayor

Reported by Washington Times: Cherelle Parker, a Democrat with a long political history in Pennsylvania, won Philadelphia’s…

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Former ambassador to Moscow: U.S. can’t trust Russia on any level

Reported by Washington Times: A former U.S. ambassador to Russia on Tuesday said Moscow is an “implacable adversary”…

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