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Mexican avocado growers expect US consumers to bear tariffs

Reported by Washington Times: URUAPAN, Mexico (AP) – The baby avocados in Enrique Bautista’s vast orchard in western…

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Wide range of emotions on impeachment underscores challenge

Reported by Washington Times: YORKTOWN, Va. (AP) – In suburban Philadelphia, it took a little over eight minutes…

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Laura Ingraham accused of defending Paul Nehlen; who was kicked off social media for bigoted posts

Reported by Washington Times: Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham is receiving blowback for possibly defending an anti-Semitic…

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Trump unhappy with special counsel’s comments on obstruction

Reported by Washington Times: WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump angrily assailed special counsel Robert Mueller’s…

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Angela Merkel tells Harvard University grads to reject isolationism, ‘tear down walls of ignorance’

Reported by Washington Times: CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — German Chancellor Angela Merkel says a new generation of leaders must…

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Steve Bullock urges caution in Electoral College repeal

Reported by Washington Times: After coming out on the losing end of the system in 2016, most of…

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New START sunk by old problem — Russian cheating

Reported by Washington Times: ANALYSIS/OPINION: …

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Sarah Sanders: Trump will let Barr do his job

Reported by Washington Times: White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Sunday said the president is looking…

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US sanctions on Iran felt in Iraqi Shiite tourist shops

Reported by Washington Times: BAGHDAD (AP) – For years, Karar Hussein has sold sweets in his shop…

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Overseas investors in shuttered Vegas casino demand refunds

Reported by Washington Times: LAS VEGAS (AP) – Developers and former managers of Asian-themed Lucky Dragon casino-hotel…

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