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Biden administration stopped shipment of ammunition to Israel: report

Reported by Washington Times: The Biden administration last week reportedly stopped a shipment of American ammunition to

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Tom Cotton, Arkansas Republican, says some Jan. 6 defendants ‘probably deserve’ pardons

Reported by Washington Times: Sen. Tom Cotton said Sunday that some people who participated in the Jan. 6,…

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GOP Senate candidate announces ‘Deport Them All’ border initiative

Reported by Washington Times: A former Trump White House official and current Senate candidate in the hotly…

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Joe Biden, Trump offer worlds-apart contrasts on issues in 2024’s rare contest between 2 presidents

Reported by Washington Times: WASHINGTON — Joe Biden and Donald Trump are two presidents with unfinished…

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Bernie Sanders warns that Israel-Hamas War ‘may be Biden’s Vietnam’

Reported by Washington Times: The anti-Israel protests roiling college campuses loom as an ill omen for President…

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Noncitizens caught voting in U.S. elections — here’s how they did it

Reported by Washington Times: Eloy Alberto Zayas-Berrier was part of the infamous Mariel boatlift that brought 125,000 Cubans,…

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Alabama lawmakers approve legislation to ensure Biden is on the November ballot

Reported by Washington Times: MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama officials on Thursday approved legislation to ensure President Joe…

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Trump bashes Fox News for giving rival RFK Jr. airtime on network

Reported by Washington Times: Former President Donald Trump slammed Fox News for inviting independent presidential candidate

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House passes bill bolstering ‘antisemitism’ definition amid alarm over campus protests

Reported by Washington Times: The House passed legislation to strengthen the definition of antisemitism in federal civil-rights law…

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Oversight Republicans to question D.C. officials about response to GWU camps

Reported by Washington Times: Republicans on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee are calling on District of Columbia…

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