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Justice Department launches antitrust lawsuit at Google, says it ‘corrupted legitimate competition’

Reported by Washington Times: The Justice Department filed a new antitrust lawsuit against Google on Tuesday that accused…

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White House offers cool response to House Republicans’ classified documents probe

Reported by Washington Times: The White House on Monday tepidly offered to “accommodate” House Oversight Committee Chairman James…

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House investigators go after the visitor logs for Biden’s Wilmington residence

Reported by Washington Times: House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer on Monday demanded that the Secret…

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Biden’s document crisis worsens as Democrats slam handling of classified materials

Reported by Washington Times: White House efforts to contain a burgeoning crisis surrounding the president’s potentially illegal mishandling…

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GOP Rep. Nancy Mace blames poor midterm results on abortion rhetoric

Reported by Washington Times: Rep. Nancy Mace, a moderate Republican who is no stranger to critiquing her party, said Sunday the GOP’s…

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Six newly discovered classified documents, removed from Biden’s Washington home

Reported by Washington Times: Federal investigators removed six newly discovered classified documents, some of which dated back to…

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Pro-life leaders say Trump will have to earn back their vote after comments about abortion opponents

Reported by Washington Times: Pro-life leaders and advocates are split on former President Donald Trump’s 2024 candidacy, with…

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Report: Box labeled ‘Important docs’ left unsealed on table at Biden’s home

Reported by Washington Times: A box labeled “Important Doc’s + Photos” was left unsealed on a table ahead…

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Trump to GOP: Don’t ‘cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security’

Reported by Washington Times: Former President Donald Trump is pressuring Republicans in Congress to steer clear of making…

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Federal judge fines Trump, lawyers $1 million for frivolous Hillary Clinton lawsuit

Reported by Washington Times: Former President Donald Trump and his legal team were

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