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President Trump demands DOJ give informant documents to Congress

Reported by Washington Times: President Donald Trump late Saturday demanded Justice Department give members of Congress the documents…

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Texas students who supported Parkland endure own shooting

Reported by Washington Times: SANTA FE, Texas (AP) – Only weeks ago, a dozen students from Santa Fe…

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Senate rejects Rand Paul’s ‘penny plan’ to balance budget

Reported by Washington Times: The Senate rejected Sen. Rand Paul’s balanced budget proposal known as the “penny plan.” The…

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The year of Mueller: 12 months in, here’s what we’ve learned

Reported by Washington Times: WASHINGTON (AP) – It was one year ago Thursday when Robert Mueller, the…

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Trump: US hasn’t been notified about threat to cancel summit

Reported by Washington Times: WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump says the U.S. hasn’t been notified about…

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Trump’s illegal immigrant ‘zero tolerance’ border policy fails

Reported by Washington Times: The Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” vow to pursue criminal charges against all illegal…

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Odebrecht, nucleus of mega-graft scandal, tries to go clean

Reported by Washington Times: SAO PAULO (AP) – On the sixteenth floor of the headquarters of Odebrecht,…

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Harry Reid sent sensitive Trump collusion letter over CIA objections

Reported by Washington Times: Then-Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid released a letter in the heat of the…

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Moon shines as he drives diplomacy with Pyongyang

Reported by Washington Times: SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – To his supporters, South Korean President Moon Jae-in…

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Donald Trump: I still have confidence in EPA’s Scott Pruitt

Reported by Washington Times: President Trump said Friday he still has confidence in embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt,…

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