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Shop POPSUGAR Fitness Gear and Bath Products at Walmart

Reported by POPSUGAR:

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ICYMI: PS fitness equipment and bath products have launched exclusively at Walmart, and we can’t contain our excitement.

PS has always believed the key to a happy, healthy you is caring for your whole self — mind and body — and these new products are designed to make all aspects of your wellness journey work for you. Whether you’re a bona fide fitness enthusiast or someone who’s just beginning to dabble in the art of self-care, this collection has an affordable, functional, and stylish tool that’s sure to elevate your routine for the better.

The PS Fitness collection comprises 16 pieces of equipment that range from bar weights and resistance cords to colorful kettlebells, jump ropes, and more — all under $30. Alternatively, the PS Bath collection is all about making self-care fun and accessible, with items like shower steamers and bath sachets that are designed to help you luxuriate at home.

Ahead, shop products from PS’s Fitness and Bath Walmart collections — and prepare to embrace a happier, healthier you.