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Roy Moore Has Yet To Concede

Roy Moore - National Hill

Roy Moore has yet to concede in the Alabama Senate election. Alabama law automatically triggers a statewide recount if the final vote is within 0.5 percentage points. Even though Moore is 1.5 percentage points away from Doug Jones, he’s hoping that when the military, provisional, and write-in ballots are counted, the vote will be within 0.5 percent. Moore needs about 21,000 votes to beat Jones.

Moore released a video on Wednesday night, telling his followers “The battle rages on […] This has been a very close race — and we are awaiting certification by the secretary of state.”

The Alabama Secretary of State’s office has commented that the certification process will likely take until at least December 26th, meaning that Jones would not be able to be seated as a senator until such certification can take place. The GOP is aiming to pass their tax bill before Christmas, this effort will likely continue as so Jones doesn’t have a chance to vote on it.

Here is Roy Moore’s statement on Wednesday night:


(Updated 12/14/17 @10:01PM CT) The article incorrectly stated that “Moore needs about 21,000 votes to stay in office”. Moore is not the current senator.