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Life Is a Party in RuPaul’s Beverly Hills Mansion, Complete With 26 Disco Balls

Reported by POPSUGAR:

Beverly Hills — where you can shop till you drop and catch RuPaul dancing disco late into the night with his husband, Georges LeBar. After acquiring a 1980s palazzo, the couple enlisted the help of designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to reimagine the property into a home infused with Old Hollywood glamour, 1930s enchantment, and timeless joie de vivre. In an Architectural Digest video shared on May 16, RuPaul gave a tour of the Beverly Hills mansion.

“The whole house is designed around community. We love game nights; we love playing dirty charades,” the drag superstar said. RuPaul guided AD’s cameras from the rustic breakfast nook — complete with a light fixture that belonged to Yves Saint Laurent in the 1970s — to the Elizabeth Taylor-inspired dining pavilion. “We live in Hollywood — we live in show business — so we’re not afraid of texture and color and bold statements,” he said of the lavish dining area. “This may not be for everybody, but it’s perfect for us. In fact, this may be my favorite room, but don’t hold me to it.”

“This house is the manifestation of my drag ideal, where it’s color, expansive, fun, disco — all the things that make life worth living.”

In fact, RuPaul went on to call nearly every room in the luxurious home his “favorite,” including the ornate kitchen saturated with pops of vibrant orange. The color scheme continued into his Emmy-filled office, which he described as an Hermès box. “I implore all of you out there watching to find what your favorite color is based on how you feel and live in it,” he said. “That’s what I do in this office.” Sprawling with black-and-white stained floors and vivid jewel tones, every inch of the home radiated happiness. “If you can’t be happy in your own home, how the hell are you going to be happy anywhere else?” RuPaul said.

Stepping outside, the star also gave a tour of the spacious Pompeii-style back garden, complete with a jacuzzi and a reflection pool. Even more exciting was the dedicated dance room fitted with 26 disco balls. “We love music, we love to dance,” RuPaul said. “And, you know, when I was coming up, there was always a place that said, ‘Cocktails,’ ‘Dancing’ — doesn’t happen anymore. So we decided we need a disco in our house, and this is it.” The room also featured a rolling table that can be easily moved to transform the area into a daytime disco dance floor. “I love, love, love this room,” he said.

Another standout included the massive walk-in closet that was once two bedrooms and now serves as a sartorial scrapbook of his favorite memories. RuPaul also shared a glimpse at his drag closet, which was filled with an abundance of jewels, gowns, and heels in every color. “You come down here and you want to make yourself beautiful. You want to try on everything. You, actually, want to lick everything, but I don’t advise that,” he joked, adding that the drag closet is his actual favorite room in the house.

As the interview came to a close, RuPaul made it clear that every inch of the Beverly Hills mansion isn’t just a place to live but to thrive. “This house is the manifestation of my drag ideal, where it’s color, expansive, fun, disco — all the things that make life worth living,” he said. “You have to find the joy. You have to create the joy.”