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Sen. Kennedy says Biden is ‘as popular as herpes’ in Louisiana

Reported by Washington Times:

Sen. John Kennedy ripped President Biden for saying the media causes his flop in the polls, when his policies are what make him anathema in his state.

Mr. Kennedy, Louisiana Republican, told Fox News Thursday that members of the media “have tried to help” Mr. Biden.

“But in Louisiana, President Biden is about as popular as herpes. Why is that? Two reasons. Number one, the people of Louisiana are not stupid. Number two, they think the Biden administration is. They think that its stupidity runs from the river to the sea,” he said.

He pointed to Mr. Biden’s policy that  “dissolved the southern border” as one example of his unpopularity.

“Our problems at the southern border are man-made,” he said. “And that man’s name is Joe Biden.”

The senator said that without border security, no supplemental appropriations bill will be passed in the Senate.

Congress left Washington for the holidays this month without passing Ukraine aid or southern border funding — two issues the White House wants to link. Republicans argue that not enough border security measures are in the funding.

Mr. Kennedy said the border could be secured in six weeks, but “Joe Biden does not want to secure the border.”

Source:Washington Times