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The Oscars Planted Snack Boxes Under Each Celebrity’s Seat

Reported by POPSUGAR:

No guest was left hungry at the 2023 Oscars. Ahead of revealing the award for best animated short film, host Jimmy Kimmel offered an important reminder for the audience: snacks were available to enjoy under their seats. “We have many more awards to go,” he said, after yet another slap joke. “How are you guys holding up? Everybody OK? You’re hanging in there? I put food underneath your seats. I don’t know if you noticed it.”

In case you were wondering what exact refreshments celebrities were eating, we did some investigating. Unlike award shows like the Grammys and SAG Awards, the Oscars are held in a theater with auditorium seating, so guests aren’t usually enjoying meals and drinks from their seats during the ceremony. But Kimmel, in partnership with the Academy, provided food boxes with a small assortment of snacks.

As captured by guests, each box included a giant artisanal soft pretzel from Shappy Pretzel Co., a small box of candy (some received Sour Patch Kids, others, Hot Tamales), an aluminum bottled water . . . and that’s it! There was also, however, a donation made in Kimmel’s name to the LA Regional Food Bank. “Eat this. You’re hungry,” read a handwritten note from the late-night show host. Shappy Pretzel Co. owner actor Adam Shapiro and his wife, Katie Lowes, posed with their pretzels on the red carpet ahead of the ceremony.

Though the pretzel looked fluffy and quite delicious, sadly, no audience member was photographed enjoying the snack. Considering no one was eating the gorgeous fruit platters at the Grammys in February, it’s no surprise celebrities hardly nibbled on the complimentary bites at the Oscars. Let’s just hope they brought their goodies to enjoy en route to the afterparty.

Get a closer look at the Oscars snacks ahead.