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Taco Bell Introduces Beach Bell Lager On Draft

Picture By Peter Pham

Taco Bell is soon introducing their very own beer called Beach Bell lager in Newport Beach, California. Why does California get everything good? I’d gladly take intermittent wildfires if it meant Taco Bell would test out new menu items in Chicago.

Unfortunately, for anyone outside of Southern California, Beach Bell lager will be exclusively sold at their newest Cantina location. Taco Bell representatives say Beach Bell is a Mexican-style amber lager that was created with the help of Four Sons Brewing, a local micro brewery. They also stated that it will “enhance” the “unique flavor profile” of the taste of Taco Bell food. In my personal experience, I have yet to find a beer that doesn’t enhance the flavor of Taco Bell. Literally any liquor. Even O’Douls makes Taco Bell taste better.

Photo By Peter Pham

Photo By Peter Pham

The new Cantina location has a 14-seat bar made out of reclaimed wood and will open on Friday, November 15th.

Images by Peter Pham