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Ryan Reynolds Called In a Favor for That Big ‘Free Guy’ Cameo

Reported by WIRED: Free Guy is pop culture in a blender. A smoothie of Twitch, YouTube,…

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The Coros Pace 2 Is My New Favorite GPS Running Watch

Reported by WIRED: After years of testing GPS running watches from a slew of brands, I had accepted…

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A Hacker Stole $610M of Cryptocurrency—and Returned Most of It

Reported by WIRED: It was a big week for smartphone privacy, or at least in various ways that…

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The FDA OKs an Extra Covid Vaccine Dose for Immune-Impaired People

Reported by WIRED: Today, the committee voted to approve the third dose for people in “moderate to severe…

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Why Perseverance’s First Mars Drilling Attempt Came Up Empty

Reported by WIRED: Last week, NASA’s Perseverance rover shot for a new milestone in the search for extraterrestrial…

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A Mammoth Tusk Reveals a Woolly (and Unprecedented) Tale

Reported by WIRED: “That was very surprising to me,” says Bataille of these ranges, which were much larger…

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Everything Samsung Announced at Its Unpacked 2021 Event

Reported by WIRED: The prices for both Samsung foldables have come down considerably, with the Fold3 going for…

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A 5G Shortcut Leaves Most Phones Exposed to Stingrays

Reported by WIRED: In North America and many other parts of the world, high-speed 5G mobile data…

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Robots, Microscopes, and Other Fun Ways to Help Kids Learn

Reported by WIRED: You think you have kids. But what you really have are little…

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How to Use Running Apps to Hit the Road

Reported by WIRED: I love running for the sole reason you can do it anywhere. I’ve run in…

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