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How Kevin Durant Got Hurt, Why Coffee May Soon Be Gone, and More News From Today

Reported by WIRED: We talked to medical experts about what really happened with Kevin Durant’s Achilles tendon, we…

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Bridging the Internet’s Digital Language Divide

Reported by WIRED: Around half the world’s population still lacks access to the internet. Companies like

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The Strange Mating Rituals of Self-Driving Car Companies

Reported by WIRED: The autonomous vehicle industry is looking a lot like a middle-school dance. Monday, Aurora…

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Google Says It Isn’t Killing Ad Blockers. Ad Blockers Disagree

Reported by WIRED: Over the past 18 months, Google has pushed to improve Chrome extension security—a welcome…

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Radiohead Gets ‘Hacked,’ a T-Mobile/Sprint Hiccup, and More News From Today

Reported by WIRED: Radiohead owned some hackers, the T-Mobile/Sprint merger runs into some hiccups, and a Swedish mining…

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Are Facebook Ads Discriminatory? It’s Complicated

Reported by WIRED: The Facebook media cycle took a head-whipping quadruple turn over the past few weeks. First,…

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Keanu’s E3 Surprise, a Government Photo Hack, and More News From Today

Reported by WIRED: Keanu Reeves left the internet breathless, hackers stole photos of travelers and license plates, and…

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Choosing the Wrong Lane in the Race to 5G

Reported by WIRED: The chatter about 5G is everywhere. It’s a worldwide race. It’s a security challenge. It’s…

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Space Photos of the Week: X-rays, Binary Stars, and Mars Moles

Reported by WIRED: Exploring space seems like it’s all fun and games, until something goes wrong. Let’s start…

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Lyft Sues San Francisco Over Bike Share

Reported by WIRED: Lyft has sued the city of San Francisco. Or, to be more precise: Bay…

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