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What Tech’s Insiders Think About Zuckerberg’s Command Performance

Reported by WIRED: If you are part of the rarified group of tech insiders who mostly live in…

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Paul Ryan to Congress: kthxbai

Reported by WIRED: If the first week of April felt a little (comparatively speaking) light on political melodrama,…

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Hollywood Should Make Movies That Grapple with Gamergate

Reported by WIRED: The new movie Ready Player One is a rousing crowd-pleaser about videogame geeks banding together to…

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Startup Founders - National Hill

SURVEY: Startup Founds And Sexual Harassment

A new survey conducted by First Round Capital sheds some light on startups and the nationwide focus on sexual…

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National Hill - TIME

Time’s Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers

No, Donald Trump didn’t get Time’s Person of the Year. Instead it went to a collective group, The…

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Instagram National Hill

Your Instagram Profile Page Is Changing

Beginning today, your Instagram profile may look different! Don’t panic though: The 3×3 grid is still there. But above…

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Sneak Peak of LA Auto Show Futuristic Rides

Reported by WIRED: Each car show has its own personality. Geneva is all…

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