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‘The Ocho’ — An Illustrated Guide

Reported by ESPN:

Moxie Games

6 p.m.

Somewhat like the Olympics, here are a bunch of sports which no one could possibly care about individually. Taken together, however, they arguably add up to something watchable:

Headis: Soccer-heading a big Nerf ball at your opponent on a pingpong table — how do you learn this game without a period of apprenticeship that includes multiple cranial fractures?

World Juggling Federation championships: Competitors juggle a bunch of balls, rings and giant billy clubs, but not flaming knives, sadly.

Trick shot grand prix (billiards): We’ll say what everyone is thinking — how are these players not the best in the world at just making the regular shots?

Rock-paper-scissors championships: This competition utilizes “full hustler rules,” which is perhaps not as fun as it sounds.

Sepak Takraw: Here are two words that appear to be misspelled but are actually defined as 3-on-3 volleyball played with your feet, and using a ball made of … I want to say wicker?

Dodge Juggle (above): People throwing dodgeballs at jugglers. See also: bullying.