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Trump attacks outgoing House Republicans as ‘cowards and weaklings’

Reported by Washington Times:

Former President Donald Trump bashed outgoing Republican members of Congress, as the GOP majority in the House gets smaller.

“Never forget our cowards and weaklings! Such a disgrace,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee posted Sunday on Truth Social with a link to an article about Rep. Mike Gallagher, Wisconsin Republican, who will leave Congress this month.

Mr. Gallagher’s seat will be vacant until January, since he announced his departure too late for a special election in his state.

Former Rep. Ken Buck, Colorado Republican, also decided to leave Congress early and had his last day in March. A special election will be held in June to replace him.

Thee other House seats are vacant: A special election in New York is scheduled this month to replace former Rep. Brian Higgins, a Democrat; another election in Ohio is set for June to replace former Rep. Bill Johnson, a Republican; and one in California is planned for May to replace former Rep. Kevin McCarthy, a Republican and former House speaker.

Source:Washington Times