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Why Cuddles United is the Next Big Pet Phenomena – Cuddles United Review

Finding lost pets is a niche market. Here's my Cuddles United Review

The world of finding lost pets is not a popularized market to say the least. Generally when I think of the term “lost pet” “lost cat” or “lost dog”, I think of a crumbled piece of paper on an old light pole.

However, that world is changing. Meet Cuddles United, the customer serviced enriched millennial approach to finding lost pets. Here is my Cuddles United Review.

My toddler left our back gate open over the Memorial Day weekend, typical, but this time our black lab darted out like a SpaceX Aircraft headed for Mars. After a day of handing out flyers didn’t work, I started to do some online research.

While the market is nowhere near saturated, I did notice a few companies that were ahead in marketing. There was FreePetAlert, Pawboost, LostMyDoggie and HelpingLostPets. All of which were legit services that offered something slightly different. Some offered neighbor phone calls, others Facebook ads and some just plain old advice.

When I stumbled across Cuddles United, they seemingly claimed to do it all. As a natural pessimist, I didn’t want believe this. However, I’d do anything for my dog and couldn’t live with myself if I cheaped out and she was never found. So I paid the $90 asking price.

Expecting to get stiffed and never heard from again, I was surprised to get a call from a Michael almost immediately afterwords. We talked extensively about my situation and by the end of it he almost seemed like my therapist rather than someone trying to sell me.

Two restless nights passed and I eventually got a call from a vets office who had been notified by Cuddles United and a neighbor who had seen their Facebook ad. Our black lab had been picked up without her collar, checked into a vet 25 miles away and misidentified due to an out of date microchip (apparently 65% of all microchips are faulty).

Pets are getting lost at an rate higher than ever before with technology distractions both inside and outside the home. If everyone’s head as always into their phones, how are they ever going to see a lost pet flyer?

I don’t know if everyone will have the same success story as I happened to have, but it worked for me and the people I interviewed via Facebook seemed to agree. With more people attached to their devices, it appears as if the future of finding lost pets is here.

Pete Hertzon, Freelance Journalist

Cuddles United Review

A modern and personalized approach to finding lost pets.

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