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6 Reasons Having a Roommate Is Actually the Freakin’ Best

Reported by POPSUGAR:

If you have a roommate, whether it’s by choice or necessity, it’s only natural to think about eventually branching out on your own. Unless it’s your best friend (and sometimes that can be the biggest test of a relationship), sharing space with someone can be . . . complicated. It’s hard to adjust to living in the same space as someone else without having as much privacy as you’d like. However, regardless of the potential limitations on freedom, there are so many benefits to having a roommate! For instance, they offer company and teamwork when it comes to chores. And who doesn’t want to take turns emptying the trash, right? If you’re considering getting a roommate or need a little boost about your current roommate situation, here are a few reasons why it’s pretty freakin’ great.



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